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NPLB Series

NPLB Series


In 2000, We created NPLB-The global first LED flashlight bulb with
built in DC/DC converter.
In 2001, NPLB Basic was highly recommended for further develop
and commerce by The Innovation Institute in America.
In 2002, NPLB Basic mass production began in China.
In 2003, NPLB Classic - 1W Luxeon Emitter with DC/DC converter
mass production and commercialize for A famous
flashlight company in America.
In 2004, Bi - Pin LED Module for Mini flashlight in America.
In 2005, Bi - Pin LED Module Design Patent in China for
1 AAA Flashlight in America. Patent No.: ZL200530059891.X

FUSION LED Light Engine Series

In 2006, Fusion LED Light Engine started development.
In 2007, Fusion LED Light Engine prototype created.
In 2008, FUSION patent in China. ( No.: ZL200820047249.8)
In 2009, FUSION Light Engine Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)is
processing. International Patent Application No. PCT/CN2009/071470.
ODM & OEM with FUSION started up.
In 2010, FUSION Light Engine synergy with high efficient
digital power control ballast; FUSION 9010 for General Lighting mass production.
In 2011, 1,000 lumens, 1,500 lumens, 2,000 lumens DC LED Bulb were under development.
In 2012, 1,000 lumens, 1,500 lumens, 2,000 lumens AC LED Bulb were under development.
In 2013, 1,000 lumens, 1,500 lumens AC A19 Globe Bulb were underdevelopment.
In 2014, A19 AC Globe Bulb and A19 DC Globe are coming soon.

FUSION - 4536 . FUSION - 6048 . FUSION - 9010
FUSION Combination
. A19 Globe Bulb and MR16

STARLITE - 128P & 213P
Thanks for our customer of STARLITE Penlight.
We preserved this product continually.



FUSION 9010_PR30

FUSION 9010_PR30 Short Neck Replacement


A19 Globe Blub