FUSION Spot Light


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3. FUSION 9010:
A. FUSION 9010 DC is the negative focal FUSION LIGHT ENGINE design.
FUSION 9010 radiates diverging light without secondary optic.
Estimating 650 lumen light output. Power consumption about 6W.
FUSION 9010 DC is good for off grid lighting.
12V DC and 24V DC are also available.
B. FUSION 9010 AC is the negative focal FUSION LIGHT ENGINE design
FUSION 9010 AC input power is 6.2W; Power factor 0.95;
650 lumen light output. FUSION 9010 DC & AC LED life time is
20,000 hours guarantee.

4. FUSION Combination:
All the FUSION Series device can be combined for more power and more light.
FUSION-10,000 is IP65 Compliance power lamp. And it is already achieved 10,000 lumens at 60W input power. As it mentioned before, LED life time is 20,000 hours

5. A19 Globe Bulb And MR16:
These new products for 1,000 lumens and 1,500 lumens are coming soon.




FUSION 9010 On

Inexpensive LED Penlight with 2 AAA or 1 AAA.
The Penlight is preserved product from year 2000.

STARLITE-128P adopts NPLB-128L screw base drop in replacement LED Bulb.
STARLITE-128P comes with multi colors aluminium barrel and push On/Off switch.
Body diameter is 1/2"(1.25 cm) and length 5 1/2"(14.00 cm).

STARLITE-213P adopts NPLB-213L screw base drop in replacement LED Bulb.
STARLITE-213P comes with multi colors aluminium barrel and push On/Off switch.
Body diameter is 1/2"(1.25 cm) and length 3 3/4"(9.50 cm).




LED technology is improving a rate rapidly and reliably.
Soon LED will be the dominant technology for most of lighting applications.
For nearly three decades ago (1960 - 1990), the light output of LED device
roughly doubled in every 24 months; Based on observing and projecting by
Roland Haitz *.
In this decade, period of light output doubling has already achieved to 18 months.
Now, LED efficiency increased from 15 lumens to 150 lumen / wattage or more.
Thanks for Nichia, Lumileds, Cree, Osram, etc. the major Company in the world.
SSL has new generation light source and let the solid state lighting to be possible.
To create a solid state lighting device, it should be redirect the light, because LED
is treated as point light source. Now, there are already so many advantage design
to redirect LED light with secondary optics: Collimated by reflector,
nonimaging focus, fresnel lens etc. On the other hand;
Diverged LED light by pillow lens, micro lens diffuser and also fresnel lens etc.
Since it has the brightest point light source, and accurate lens. Then, SSL requires
the best thermal dissipation heat sink for higher power light output ; and it needs
high efficient AC/DC; DC/DC converter for optimum working condition of the LED.
Integrating the light source, the secondary optic, the heat sink, the ballast, etc.,
you can see solid state lighting is a sophisticated device. It is much complicated
than conventional incandescent lamp. Of course, and consequently, cost increased.
However, momentum of solid state lighting is strong, due to its environment protect,
energy saving performance. Take a look to the market of LED light product:
You can found the overall design is still behind the curve.


Is there any way to simplify overall design for these advantage LED device ?
FUSION LIGHT ENGINE is a small step at this approach. Our concept is:
1. Smaller power LED has higher efficiency than high power LED.
2. Collimating or diverging light without secondary optic.
3. Powering light output without heat sink or less heat sink.
4. Light weight and small size.
5. Converting input power by PWM DC converter.
6. Lower cost for overall design.


1. FUSION 4536
2. FUSION 6048
3. FUSION 9010
4. FUSION Combination(1)
5. FUSION Combination(2)
6. A19 Globe Bulb
7. MR16 Bulb(1)
8. MR16 Bulb(2)

1. FUSION 4536:
A. FUSION 4536 DC version.
This module is good for many applications like flashlight, head light, bicycle light
and off grid lamp etc. Light output is 900 lumen based on 5W. 1,500 lux.
Luminous intensity. LED life time is more than 20,000 hours guarantee .
B. FUSION 4536 AC version is competitive product for halogen spot light.
It comes with less heat but more light.

2. FUSION 6048:

A. FUSION 6048 DC version is talking about 6W 1,000 lumen light out put.
Luminous intensity is 2,000 lux typically. LED life time is more than
20,000 hours guarantee. It is good for high power flash light, search light,
as well as off grid lighting.
B. FUSION 6048 AC is good for down light purpose at the mean time
LED life time is 20,000 hours guarantee.